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Me‚Äčrchant Service D. Hall Enterprise

Please feel free to email the President & CEO Directly he greatly appreciates your feed back and questions or comments. When emailing please put in the Subject Line "Merchant Account". 


I thank you for your business and future business and wish all a blessed, wonderful, healthy and successful life. 

Mr. D. Hall, Sr - President & CEO 

I want to sign up for services:

We service the whole United States & Canada Offices to serve your needs: 


   Corp Office      


 Austin, TX                512-592-8829

Orlando, FL       407-516-3279

Universal Fax Number for all locations:         



D. Hall President & CEO directly

Merchants can sign up for services via

Phone, Fax or Email. No matter were your located  in our area we can service your needs.


Corporate Office


EMV Terminals & P.O.S Systems

Our Locations:

Corporate Office: Cleveland/Lakewood, Ohio     216-215-0911

Austin, Texas 512-592-8829

Orlando, Florida 407-516-3279

Universal Fax Number for all locations:    877-516-9073