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EMV Terminals & P.O.S Systems

Cash Advance Services

Cash on Demand

No need to go to the bank and try to get a loan. You can borrow 10K to 100K from Cash on Demand based on your monthly credit card processing. They will take a percentage out of your daily settlement until your balance is paid in full. When you’re done you can do it again.

Read the information below and find out all about the way your business can get the extra cash that you’re seeking in our economic times.

You don't just need cash.


Beyond your monthly expenses, do you currently have the funds available for:

Equipment upgrades?
Crucial improvements?
Your plans for expansion?
New promotions and advertising?

Based on your current monthly average of credit card processing sales volume (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), you can receive a lump sum of $10,000 to $100,000from Cash-On-Demand—and grow your business with it any way you want!
Most banks refuse credit to Small Businesses.

How are you going to successfully stimulate yours?

Apply for a complicated business loan?
Cross your fingers on a credit check?
Put up collateral?
Wait 60 to 90 days for approval?

Don’t let a lack of collateral get you down. Accept an advance from Cash-On-Demand and avoid the possibility of a bank rejecting you and your small business loan.
With no fixed payments and no fixed time frame, we take the hassle out of acquiring the money you need to grow your business.  Get your cash in about a week, not in months!

How does the program work? 

Easily. Your funding is based on your future credit card sales, and you sell us a fixed dollar amount of those future sales at a discount. Through an automated process, we collect a small, previously agreed upon percentage from your daily credit card sales—and only after the sales are made.
How do I know if I qualify? 
You must have been in business for more than 12 months and have at least $3,000 of credit card sales per month, and meet other simple requirements.
What can I use the money for? 
Most anything. Most of our customers use the money for business building needs like advertising, adding more seats to their restaurants, or stocking up on seasonal merchandise. Others have used it to buy out a partner or for emergency needs like unforeseen maintenance issues.

How soon can I get the money?

Pretty soon. The average time from receipt of a contract to funding is usually under 5 business days.
What kind of discount do I get if I pay early?
Since this is not a loan, there is no monthly payment schedule. Cash-On-Demand purchases a specific amount of your future sales. We get paid only when you get paid; therefore, there is no discount for early payment.
How often are payments deducted?
Once a day. We collect from a small percentage of your daily credit card sales.
Will I get a monthly statement?
No—Instead of a monthly statement mailed to you, you simply view your daily statements, and monthly statements online by logging into a private and secure area of the Cash-On-Demand Web site.

Other Services:

Bill Pay Service - Pre Paid Wireless Services - ATM Services - Cash Advance Services - Pay @ the pump processing

ATM Services

Free ATM Placement (only available in Cleveland, Akron, Canton Ohio and surrounding cities) 
Some business owners just do not want to deal with owning an ATM. That’s why we offer our Free ATM placement program. This way, you can get a new ATM in your business without having to deal with any of the responsibilities of managing or owning a cash machine. We do all the work and put the cash in the machine. We service the machine. All you have to do is sit back and collect your residual on each transaction every month.

Financing or Purchase
We offer a variety of ATM Leasing plans available to help you get an ATM machine with no money out of your pocket. We can even create a customized program just for you! When you own the ATM you receive 100% of the surcharge.

The most advanced equipment
We will work together to determine the best equipment for your location. We work with the leading ATM manufactures in the industry, so you can count on Merchant Service                      D. Hall Enterprise for the latest in ATM technology at the most competitive prices.

Call Sales office to get prices.

ATM’s Bring in lots of traffic to your location!

We service the whole United States & Canada Offices to serve your needs: 


   Corp Office      


 Austin, TX                512-592-8829

Orlando, FL       407-516-3279

Universal Fax Number for all locations:         



D. Hall President & CEO directly

Merchants can sign up for services via

Phone, Fax or Email. No matter were your located  in our area we can service your needs.


Corporate Office


Me​rchant Service D. Hall Enterprise

Pay @ the pump processing

Pay @ the Pump Processing (Non BrandedGas Stations)

If you are the owner of a new or existing independent gas station(s) or convenience store(s) with pay at the pump, then Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise has the best program in the industry for you. Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise has teamed up with processors that recognizes pay at the pump services for independent unbranded gas retailers. We can assist you whether you are looking to switch merchant services due to pricing or poor service issues, as well as if this is a brand new installation.
Unlike other merchant sales organizations that simply offer you an attractive discount rate and send you paperwork to issue a Merchant ID, the processors that Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise uses will hold your hand long after your first customer pumps their tank with gas. Once your system is installed, you will receive free toll-free support for a help desk that will handle your service calls.

Our pay at the pump pricing at Merchant Service D. Hall Enterprise is the best in the industry.

Call Sales office to get rates and services

Bill Pay & Pre Paid Wireless Services:

Bill Pay & Pre Paid Cellular Minutes

Authorized Walk-In Bill Payment
More than 150 authorized billers. That’s more than any other walk-in bill payment provider!
Billers choose Authorized Walk-In Bill Payment for its full suite of features, including real-time posting, immediate and direct access to a customer’s payment information, the option for customers to pay by cash, check or money order and the ability to restrict certain customers to cash-only payment. 
As an agent providing authorized walk-in bill payment services, you:

Earn a commission on every transaction
Increase sales with additional store traffic
Expand your customer base
Provide a valuable community service

Non-Contracted Walk-In Bill Payment
With non-contracted bill payment, customers have the convenience of paying hundreds of bills – with cash – at your location. 
As an agent accepting non-contracted walk-in payments, you can charge a fee for each transaction while providing a valuable community service. It will help you increase foot traffic with the ability of turning a bill payer into a loyal, repeat customer.
Whether you are an existing walk-in bill payment business looking to add services or new to the bill payment market, our non-contracted service is an instant way for you to provide hundreds of biller options that your customers can pay.

Total transactions for walk-in bill payment has increased year over year.

15-20% of U.S. households do not have a bank account.

More than 50% of all transactions are convenience based.

Prepaid Cellular Wireless Minutes 
have customers reload their prepaid cellular phone minutes at your location. With Verizon Wireless, Page Plus, Boost  just collect and process the customer’s payment and their cellular minutes are replenished within seconds!

Flexible Cell Phones - No Contracts, No Credit Check.
Best value for prepaid cell phones.
For one low price you get all the minutes you need.
No surprise overage fees at the end of the month with prepaid wireless.
Save money - Budget your mobile phone expenses.